Shakeology And My Thyroid

Shakeology And My Thyroid

Coach Lois was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease, an autoimmune thyroid disease, over two years ago.    After trying everything, she found ONE thing that gave her renewed energy, heightened immunity, allowed her to build her business back up and boosted her mood!

Before Shakeology she had depression, fatigue, chronically became ill and never thought she would be able to work for herself again as a personal trainer/coach!

Here is a brief sharing of her story – “Shakeology And My Thyroid”

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 Shakeology And Thyroid Disease


I am a passionate health/fitness professional that is excited to meet you wherever you are at on your transformational health/fitness journey! Having been fit, and then having been very, very sick/unhealthy - I know the value of what good health/fitness can do for your life (mentally/physically/financially/etc) Please join me on this adventure of that absurd past time we call, simply, "life" by joining me at my Fit Club or in a Challenge group OR as a coach on my growing team.

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